White Chestnut Flower Essence

White ChestnutWhite Chestnut (Aesculus Hippocastanum) is one of the most common trees which grow throughout Northern hemisphere in all temperate regions. In Europe and Asia this gorgeous tree is known as Horse Chestnut , in the UK it is usually called conker tree, and in the US and Canada the name buckeys is most commonly used. White chestnut tree is also known for its specific ornamental leaves and beautiful flowering shrubs: tall cone panicles (15-25 cm long) with 30-40 small white flowers on each. These flowers infused in natural spring water were used by Dr. Bach for preparing one of the most potent and important flower essences of his, White Chestnut flower essence.

White Chestnut Flower EssenceThis natural product is associated with mental stability and piece of mind, emotional balance, clear thoughts, perfect abilities to focus and use one’s mind constructively. It is a very effective natural remedy for diverting one’s attention from something annoying, dejecting or distressful, and getting concentrated on more positive and more important things. White Chestnut flower essence is linked to trust, attention, rationality and effective problem-solving abilities. Besides, this flower essence can be effectively used for improving sleep of those who are followed by persistent worrying thoughts.

Therefore, White Chestnut flower essence is recommended to everyone who suffers from obsessive thoughts and repeated unwanted ideas, anxiety and worries with no serious grounds, all possible uncontrolled negative suppositions and emotions which recur all the time and lead to depression, certain neurological disorders, insomnia, restlessness and being lost in repeated dead-end questions. Try this remedy if you can’t forget some unhappy or distressing events in your life and can’t hold from being back to them in your mind again and again. It is recommended to use White Chestnut flower essence in the following way: add 2-3 drops of the essence to 100 ml of warm water and sip slowly. It is possible to apply directly to the tongue: 2 drops not more than 4 times a day.

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