Vanilla Extract Benefits

Vanilla Extract SusbtituteVanilla extract is a natural product which is rather associated with culinary spice than a therapeutic remedy. Vanilla is a taste enhancer and a spice that has been used for many centuries around the world and can be found in virtually every kitchen. It is produced from vanilla bean, the bean of the plant originating from North America (the Gulf of Mexico). For many decades, Mexico is one of the leading exporters of vanilla powder, vanilla extract and even vanilla extract substitutes which are very popular in modern cuisines. Vanilla extract is a sort of liquid vanilla concentrate suitable for many kinds of uses and applications. Though many women are wondering how to make vanilla extract at home and receive a high quality organic product, it is actually not very easy, so many experts recommend buying a ready one from a reputable producer.

Not many of us know that using vanilla is linked with quite a great number of health benefits. First and foremost, using vanilla extract or vanilla powder is considered great natural aid for weight loss. Studies including the one ¬†at St. George’s Hospital in London have shown that vanilla aroma can work as a great appetite suppressant, and as the experiments have shown, those who consume desserts and other foods enriched with vanilla aroma actually eat less, ending up with reduced calorie consumption and higher chances to lose extra pounds. Another good reason for all women to love vanilla spice is its property to regulate menstrual cycles and protect against possible problems and imbalances related to periods. How To Make Vanilla ExtractVanilla extract can be an excellent natural alternative to all modern technologies and medications that assist regulating menstrual cycle. However, we should remember that using vanilla extract substitutes will not allow enjoying the mentioned benefits.

A number of researches has proven positive effects of vanilla and vanilla extract for those who suffer from anxiety, nervousness, tension, and other common symptoms of stresses. As a group of scientists in the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center found out, special treatment with vanilla aroma resulted in substantial reduce of anxiety symptoms in about 63 percent of the participants. In aromatherapy, vanilla is used as an amazing calming and inspiring agent, as something that reminds us about good meal and good old memories from our childhood. It is also known that vanilla extract and vanilla extract substitute can help calming down minor digestive problems like nausea, upset stomach, indigestion, and so on. To calm down queasy stomach, you can use a glass of warm water mixed with 2-3 drops of high quality vanilla extract. This health benefits of vanilla extract is not widely known, and not many people are aware about the fact that they have a powerful digestive system support right in their kitchen.

Traditionally, vanilla extract was used by Aztec cultures as an excellent natural energy boost and a powerful stimulant for sexual desire. Centuries later, researchers have proven unique properties of this natural product to boost libido in men and women. Vanilla products can improve skin tone and speed up wound healing. Vanilla has moderate anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to reduce the risk of infections, especially in kids. Finally, vanilla extract of high quality can be used as a source of natural antioxidants. According to the findings of a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry” in September 2007, free radicals in vanilla extract can assist in body cleansing, stimulate detoxification and improve metabolism. Use vanilla extract for cooking and improving your health, and those who are experienced in homeopathy and homemade remedies can learn how to make vanilla extract at home.

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