Vanilla Essential Oil

VanillaVanilla essential oil can not be named among the most known and the most commonly demanded natural products. At the same time, this oil plays an important role in aromatherapy since it has a distinguishing, sweet, rich, and very strong aroma. It is extracted from the bean of Vanilla plant (Vanilla planifolia), known also as common vanilla, Bourbon vanilla, or Mexican vanilla, by using the technology of solvent extraction. Though vanilla oil is less common than vanilla extract or other natural products made from this plant’s natural materials, the essential oil has been known in South America and the Far East for many centuries. This natural product has a great number of health benefits and is very highly valued by most of naturopaths and healthy lifestyle fans. Therefore, the uses of vanilla essential oil go far beyond just culinary purposes.

Studies have shown that chemical content of vanilla essential oil is not as rich as the ones of other essential oils. It includes furfural, eugenol, caproic acid, acetic acid, isobutyric acid, hydroxybenzaldehyde, and some others. The best and the highest quality vanilla essential oils have up to 25-30 per cent of vanilin concentrations. Vanilla essential oil is considered to be quite a safe and non-toxic natural product which can be used and recommended to everyone as a natural solution to treat a variety of conditions. In addition to its culinary applications, it is also extensively used in perfumery as a natural agent for various body care products and scents. Vanilla Essential OilIt is possible to use the highest quality vanilla essential oils for preparing smoothies, cookies, cakes, pastry, various desserts with chocolate or milk, ice-creams, puddings, and so on. This natural product goes perfectly well with high quality coconut oil.

Health benefits of vanilla essential oil are numerous and various, and most of them have quite solid scientific prove. The product is valued, first of all, for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties. This essential oil can be used as a great natural protection against the effects of oxidative stress and premature aging on cellular levels. In other words, by using this natural product it is possible to slow down all negative processes in the body linked to aging, starting from immune system function decline and memory loss, and ending up with preventing some forms of cancer. Relaxing and anti-depressant properties of vanilla oil are also famous, and this natural product can be used in an individual aromatherapy program directed on preventing negative thoughts and emotions, preventing depression and anxiety, reducing other negative effects of stresses, especially chronic stresses.

Other important benefits of vanilla essential oil include very powerful aphrodisiac power of this natural product. Traditionally, this natural product has been used to treat impotency, infertility, loss of libido and frigidity, as well as other common dysfunctions. There is also some evidence to the fact that by using vanilla essential oil it is possible to reduce some symptoms of respiratory system infections and some other infectious diseases, especially such symptoms as fever and headaches. Sedative and tranquilizing properties of this natural product can help those who are in need of fast stress reduction solutions, and also can assist in treating and preventing insomnia or other sleep disorders. Finally, women traditionally used this natural oil in order to regulate their periods and prevent all possible imbalances linked to menstruation. It was found out that by using vanilla essential oil it is possible to regulate estrogen production in a female body.

It is reported that vanilla essential oil blends good with such oils as lemon essential oil, jojoba essential oil, orange essential oil, lavender essential oil, neroli essential oil, and others. If you want to purchase and try the mentioned benefits of this natural product, go to here to check out some useful info.

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