Turkey Rhubarb Herbal Tea

Turkey Rhubarb TeaTurkey Rhubarb tea is one of the most known and commonly used herbal remedies in Traditional Chinese medicine, which lately became popular in the US and Europe due to increasing public interest to oriental medical traditions and practices. Turkey Rhubarb is a medicinal herb which has been used for over two thousand years and very highly valued by ancient Chinese medical practitioners for its very good purgative properties mentioned in old Chinese medical manuscripts. Till now, this is one of the most known Turkey Rhubarb benefits, which is widely used to promote digestion, prevent constipation and other disorders, relieve the symptoms like heaviness in the stomach, and so on.

Turkey Rhubarb tea, tinctures and other herbal preparations are usually prepared from the root of the plant, which is prolonged and oval shaped, of dark-yellow or brown color.  According to ancient Chinese texts, maximum effectiveness can be received from the roots of a 12-18 months plant. At the same time, the stems of the plant are also considered edible and can be added to the meals like salads. However, it is necessary to avoid using the leaves of the plant as those have increased amounts of oxalic acid which is considered toxic and harmful to human body. Turkey Rhubarb benefitsOther ingredients that can be found in Turkey Rhubarb root, like tannins, glucose, anthaquinone glycosides, minerals and vitamins C, B and A, are very useful and absolutely safe for us.

Health benefits of Turkey Rhubarb include anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, laxative, stimulant, astringent, and other natural actions. Many specialists see a lot of potential in Turkey Rhubarb as a natural remedy for cancer treatment and prevention. In particular, this medicinal herb is one of the key ingredients (along with slippery elm, burdock root, and other natural remedies) of Essiac, a known medication with very powerful cancer fighting properties. Turkey Rhubarb tea or infusion can be used externally to treat boils, acne, furuncles, and other various types of skin infections.

Drinking Turkey Rhubarb tea on a regular basis can be very good for strengthening and improving the function of liver, spleen and colon. Stimulating properties of this natural remedy can be used to prevent hair loss and evoke appetite. Health benefits of Turkey Rhubarb include relieving the condition of those with serious kidney problems, as well as relieving the symptoms linked to diabetic neuropaty as this natural remedy is reported to have an excellent property to decrease blood glucose levels. Finally, antibacterial Turkey Rhubarb benefits can be very helpful for those who need to relieve the symptoms of common cold and other respiratory system problems.

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