Tarragon Essential Oil

Benefits Of Tarragon OilTarragon essential oil is one of the most aromatic and refreshing oils widely used in aromatherapy and alternative medicine. This oil is extracted from leaves of tarragon (Artemisia Dracunculus), a bushy plant that grows in Asia, North America and Europe. The name of tarragon was derived from “a little dragon”. Tarragon oil benefits have been known for centuries and in the Middle East this natural product has been used as an effective insecticide, appetite stimulant, refreshing and deodorizing agent. It is a known remedy for snake bite and toothache. Along with dried tarragon leaves, it is possible to use tarragon essential oil for culinary purposes, especially for making sauces or salad dressing, spicing chicken meat or various fruit desserts and beverages, etc.

The principal health benefits of tarragon oil embrace stimulant, digestive, anti-rheumatic, vermifuge, emenagogue, and circulatory properties of this natural product. Tarragon oil is one of the herbal remedies which can be safely used for a great deal of minor digestive conditions like indigestion, flatulence, stomach aches, stomach cramps, heartburn, constipation, and so on. Tarragon oil stimulates gastric juice secretion and can play a role of a very effective natural appetite stimulant. Tarragon Oil BenefitsModerate diuretic benefits of tarragon oil can serve well to those who suffer from urinary system irregularities, as well as those who need to prevent a great number of disorders related to the function of this system including various infections of urinary system and other related conditions.

Anti-spasmodic, emenagogue, and calming benefits of tarragon oil are used in aromatherapy. By adding this oil to essential oil blend to be used in aroma-lamps, for therapeutic massages, or other common aromatherapy techniques, it is possible to relieve and prevent stomach and muscle cramps, stimulate the function of respiratory system, relieve menstrual pains and joint pains, improve blood circulation, get rid of hiccups, calm down nervous tension and other effects of stresses, destroy skin microbes and bad odor, as well as enjoy other numerous tarragon oils benefits. For aromatherapy purposes, this oil is usually blended with rosewood essential oil, lime essential oil, anise essential oil, fennel essential oil, peppermint essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, or lavender essential oil.

For many centuries, tarragon oil has been known as an excellent natural remedy to stimulate detoxification and speed up toxin evacuation from the body. Finally, some studies (including one of the most extensive researches carried out in 2003 by a group of experts at Brigham Young University) have shown that tarragon oil benefits include potentially strong anti-cancer activity. At that, the scientists came to the conclusions that taken even in small concentrations, tarragon oil can be very effective for slowing down cancer cells growth and can be used to prevent skin cancer, cervical cancer, and other common types of cancer. Tarragon essential oil is very rich in anti-oxidants, however, in order to take maximum of tarragon oil benefits, be sure to use only high quality product from a reputable manufacturer.

If you are wondering about the effects and therapeutic benefits of tarragon oil, go to here to learn how you can try this amazing natural product.

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