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Salvia Root Extract

Salvia Root Extract BenefitsSalvia miltiorrhiza is one of the basic herbs used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine and known among Chinese herbalists as Dan shen. In Europe, Salvia¬†miltiorrhiza is sometimes referred to as Chinese sage or red sage. This is a perennial plant which is very highly valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its roots. This natural remedy available in the forms of powder or salvia root extract which can be purchased online by every one of us. Health benefits of salvia root extract cover a vast variety of therapeutic properties and healing actions of this herb. Many botanists and herbalists were noticing that Salvia miltiorrheza is in many ways similar to common sage (Salvia officinalis), but salvia miltiorrhiza and salvia root extract benefits are considered more effective, especially for those who suffer from serious cardiovascular health problems. (more…)