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Orange Essential Oil

Orange Essential OilOrange essential oil is one of the most loved and the most aromatic essential oils used in aromatherapy and highly valued for its numerous health benefits. This oil is extracted from orange peels by cold pressure, and it is famous for its fresh and tangy smell. Due to this uplifting aroma, orange essential oil is very often used and recommended as a part of depression treatment. It can help in relieving tension, getting rid of anxiety, fears, irritability, sensitivity, as well as assist a person to relax, promote peace of mind and create a feeling of job and happiness, etc.  For this purposes, orange oil can be used for therapeutic massages, therapeutic baths, or in aroma lamps. In the same way orange oil can be used as a great natural remedy to promote sleep and combating sleep disorders. Moreover, those who use orange oil as a part of their aromatherapy program report about excellent aphrodisiac effects of orange oil. Therefore, this natural product can be used to improve our sexual life. (more…)