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Mate Tea

Mate TeaMate tea is a well known therapeutic beverage which is widely used and loved for many centuries in the countries of its origin, including Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and other nations of South America. It is sometimes called yerba mate tea, St. Bartholemew’s Tea,¬† Paraguay Tea, Jesuit’s Brazil Tea, or chimarr√£o tea. The therapeutic beverage has got its fame for very high content of caffeine, and it is prepared from the leaves of mate tea which can be found in many regions of South America, as well as in some areas in the Middle East. It is interesting that traditionally, in South America countries mate tea is served with a special massive silver straw (called a masassa or a bombilla), because this herbal infusion is usually prepared by using plenty of dried material, so the straw allows enjoying the tea while it is hot and the dried leaves are still on the top of the beverage. As a rule, for preparing the beverage the dried, chopped and properly selected mate tree leaves are used. (more…)