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Marigold Flower Tea

Marigold FlowerMarigold flower tea known also as calendula tea has been widely used in Europe and North America for many centuries. This is one of the most common herbal remedies recommended for a variety of health conditions and ailments in the forms of calendula tea or infusion, calendula extract, calendula tincture, and other types of herbal preparations. Marigold flower is a beautiful yellow or orange color flower which can be very typically found in the Mediterranean region, the Middle East and South Russia, in the warm regions of the United States. This plant was historically used in the Roman Empire for treating inflammations and wounds, and it received its name to honor Virgin Mary. Biologists say that calendula plant has a tendency to blossom in summer once a month, and very commonly marigold flower appears right at about the time, when the new moon comes out. (more…)