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Lemon Verbena Tea

Lemon VerbenaLemon verbena tea is getting more and more popular nowadays, though it is very often thought to be something like one of the oldest folk remedies of our grandma’s. Lemon verbena tea is an infusion of green leaves of verbena plant (Aloysia Tryphilla), a medicinal herb originating from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and other regions of South America, though nowadays it is cultivated almost all around the world. Verbena also plays a role as a culinary spice which is quite commonly used in French, Spanish, Italian cuisines, along with culinary tradition of other countries of the Mediterranean and South American nations. Verbena is widely used for preparing salads, stuffed dishes, grains, desserts and beverages since it has very strong characteristic aroma and flavor of citrus fruits. Lemon verbena tea or herbal infusion is very easy to be prepared, and it allows us enjoy numerous benefits of this amazing medicinal herb. (more…)