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Jasmine Tea Benefits

Jasmine Green TeaJasmine flavored tea is definitely one of the most amazing beverages with incredible mesmerizing aroma, tender and romantic. Jasmine (known as jessamine in some Asian countries) is a flowering shrub with beautiful white flowers. Picked in the morning and processed further in correspondence to their possible use, jasmine flowers and their extracts are commonly used in perfumery and cosmetics, as well as play a role as culinary aromatic agent for wines, other alcoholic beverages, and some types of desserts. Jasmine is extensively cultivated in France and Italy, the nations with very advanced traditions of both perfumery and wine industry. Jasmine flower tea and jasmine green tea are extremely popular in modern China and Japan, where this kind of tea is consumed in great amounts and serve for many other traditional purposes. It is an important element of famous tea ceremony, and also can be used during religious ceremonies. (more…)