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Hibiscus Tea Benefits

Hibiscus Tea BenefitsHibiscus tea is one of the most popular and widely known types of herbal teas. Throughout the world, this tea is highly valued for its rich nutritious content and numerous therapeutic benefits. Hibiscus tea is made from dried flowers of hibiscus plant (Hibiscus sabdariffa) and can be consumed either cold or hot, either sweetened or without adding any sweetener. It has a pleasant refreshing taste (some people find it to be similar to the one of cranberry juice) and uplifting red color. In our times, hibiscus tea is extremely popular in the United States and the countries of the Caribbean region, and it is very often used as a herbal tea for therapeutic or disease prevention purposes. It is highly valued, primarily, as a caffeine free therapeutic beverage which possesses excellent cooling and thirst-quenching powers, and can provide our body with great amounts of natural vitamin C. Thus, hibiscus tea benefits include supporting our immune system function and increasing our natural resistivity to numerous common diseases, including infectious ones. (more…)