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Arometharapy Massage

Aromatherapy EssencesAromatherapy massage is a type of manual therapy which involves using essential oils, aromatherapy essences and extracts, along with special massage oils and lotions based on 100% natural organic herbal materials. It is one of the most common and demanded procedures in modern spa. Therapists recommend aromatherapy massages very frequently, because herbal essences and essential oils used for such massages have numerous therapeutic effects and healing properties. (more…)

Herbals Extracts vs Herbal Teas

As a matter of fact, both herbal teas and herbal extracts are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine and other alternative approaches. They help to fight many common health problems and diseases, especially in a long-term perspective. Herbal essences and extracts can play a role of effective natural remedies to maintain our good health and maximize our physical condition for many years. At the same time, most herbal teas have excellent effects on our cognitive abilities and nerve system: some can help us calm down and relax, and some can make it easy for us to get focused. (more…)

Herbal Extracts And Essences: The Basics

Herbal ExtractsModern epoch brings us more and more of public health challenges caused by genetic mutations, unwanted side effects of developing technologies and changes in our lifestyle. It is difficult to admit but in our times, such serious and diseases as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis and strike younger people. If only several decades ago it was common for the most heart surgeons to operate the patients between ages 50 and 60, nowadays the age of those who need heart surgery fluctuates between 40 and 55. This tendency overwhelms world’s health care system and makes the world’s leading medical specialists look for alternative solutions which could save the situation in public health care. (more…)