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Henna Oil Benefits

Henna productsHenna essential oil is one of the oils traditionally used in aromatherapy and hair care by many women around the world. This amazing product has literally centuries of history, and the first documents proving the use of henna extract as an excellent natural hair health support are dated by as early as the times of Ancient Egypt and Byzantine civilizations. Henna and henna oil were also highly valued by other early empires and civilizations, including the Sumerian, Assyrian, Ugaritic, and others. This plant originates from the Mediterranean region and very commonly used by modern women in Greece, Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Italy, Bulgaria, and other nationalities for hair care. Fortunately, thanks to modern technological developments including the world wide web, high quality henna oil and other henna products have become available around the world to the women who value natural remedies and want to benefits from their special amazing natural effects. (more…)