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Oak Flower Essence

Oak flower essence is received from the morning dew of Quercus robur, huge trees which are around us and are a part of almost every landscape of Europe or North America. We use their wood to build houses and boats, to keep our fire burning and keep our houses warm. Oaks are strong and give us strength, that is why oak flower essence is a perfect supportive remedy for those who like working hard and living this life to its fullest. Oaks can give us strength for helping others and when we’re on the edge. It is one of the most unique herbal remedies which can give us courage and power, perseverance and hope. (more…)

Water Violet Flower Essence

water violetWater violet flower essence is one of the common herbal essences picked up from the petals and flowers of Hottonia palustris. It is a perfect natural remedy for all unsocial people, for all loners and aloof personalities. It helps open up to the world, integrate, start enjoying social activities and get a taste of life. By using this unique flower essence, withdrawn and aloof people can start appreciating social relationships and feeling themselves needed and involved. Sedative and calming effects of this natural product can assist in learning how to handle lots of various situations with dignity and in a very capable manner. (more…)