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The Power Of Flower Essences From Dr. Edward Bach

Disease is solely and purely corrective; it is neither vindictive nor cruel,

but it is the means adopted by our own souls to point out to us our faults,

to prevent our making greater errors, to hinder us from doing more harm,

and to bring us back to the path of Truth and Light from which we should

never have strayed.” Dr. Edward Bach (1937).

Edward BachA great herbalist, physician and innovator, Doctor Edward Bach is well-known as a Farther of flower remedies system and Spiritual Quantum Healing, a revolutionary approach to healing human diseases and illnesses by using flower essences and the power of patients’ mind. Born in Birmingham to a poor family of a brass foundry owner, he first graduated from Birmingham University College Hospital and then received a DPH at Cambridge. Since his early childhood Edward was dreaming about finding a unique effective cure to many common diseases, the cure which would help all poor people who had no money to pay for their illness treatment. (more…)