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Cherry Plum Flower Essence

flower essencesHave you every used flower essences to support your good spirit and mental health? Flower essences are 38 amazing natural remedies created by Dr. Edward Bach almost a century ago, and since those times they are bringing optimism, mental strength, good will, high self-esteem, inspiration, happiness, hope for better, spiritual guidance and support, courage, braveness, self-control, calmness, peacefulness, and many other diving positive feelings that help us move along our life with a smile on our face. Known also as Healing herbs, flower essences are natural extracts received from morning dew collected from one of 38 flowers, and each of the essences has own function and own therapeutic properties discovered and presented to the world by Dr. Bach. Go on reading if you want to know more about cherry plum flower essence and its healing effects. (more…)