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Tarragon Essential Oil

Benefits Of Tarragon OilTarragon essential oil is one of the most aromatic and refreshing oils widely used in aromatherapy and alternative medicine. This oil is extracted from leaves of tarragon (Artemisia Dracunculus), a bushy plant that grows in Asia, North America and Europe. The name of tarragon was derived from “a little dragon”. Tarragon oil benefits have been known for centuries and in the Middle East this natural product has been used as an effective insecticide, appetite stimulant, refreshing and deodorizing agent. It is a known remedy for snake bite and toothache. Along with dried tarragon leaves, it is possible to use tarragon essential oil for culinary purposes, especially for making sauces or salad dressing, spicing chicken meat or various fruit desserts and beverages, etc. (more…)