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Beech Flower Essence

Beech Flower EssenceIt has been already 80 years since the times when amazing flower essences, truly unique and miraculous herbal remedies for a vast variety of health problems and conditions were developed and presented to this world by Dr. Edward Bach, one of the most prominent herbalists and physicians of the 20th century. 38 essences are produced by picking morning dew from petals of 38 flowers, including exotic flowers, and possess truly incredible properties for restoring our emotional health and preventing all related disorders, getting rid of negative elements in our life and enjoying amazing effects of Mother Nature’s healing powers. Bach’s flower essences received a great popularity and are being sold around the world as absolutely safe and effective alternatives to the existing medications or conventional treatments. Beech flower essence is one of these divine remedies, used to treat a variety of emotional imbalances. (more…)