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Asparagus Root Extract

AsparagusAsparagus plant (asparagus officinalis) is a known medicinal plant and valuable source of essential natural nutrients. For the last decade, asparagus has become a trend of healthy nutrition market, and those who are trying to follow the rules of healthy eating have introduced this amazing and very delicious food to their daily diet. However, not many people are aware about unique and very powerful health benefits of asparagus. Though actually asparagus is considered native to the Mediterranean region, this plant has been used for centuries as an effective and powerful medicinal herb by the practitioners of Traditional Chinese medicine and other national medicines of the Far East. In Ayurveda, asparagus products including asparagus root extract are known as Shatavari products. In Europe, the extract has been used and known as a very good natural remedy for hangover, and only recently European therapists started paying a proper attention to other health benefits of this natural remedy. (more…)