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Basil Oil Benefits

BasilBasil oil is one of those commonly used aromatherapy oils which have centuries of history of successful application. Basil is extensively used in cooking as one of the most popular spices that goes great with a great variety of meals, and basil oil is considered “a king spice” since the times of Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. Originating from the Mediterranean region, basil is an essential element of famous Mediterranean diet, and a plant known for plenty of amazing health benefits. It is interesting that basil extracts and basil oil are natural ingredients used extensively in cosmetics and body care products, but they are highly valued not only for improving our beauty, but also for supporting our cognitive abilities, concentration, positive thinking, and so on. Basil oil is a natural product, an oil with amazing sweet aroma used in aromatherapy and loved by thousands of women around the world. Go on reading this article to learn more about health benefits of basil oil. (more…)