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Benefits Of Anise Oil

Oil Of AniseAnise oil is an aromatic essential oil produced from anise seeds. Anise is a common Mediterranean herb known as Pimpinella anisum, a member of parsley family, which is currently being cultivated in many regions of the world for its amazing therapeutic properties and numerous uses. Anise and anise products have centuries of traditional use as a culinary spice, mainly as a natural flavor agent used for cooking desserts, candies, cookies, pies, liqueurs, other alcoholic beverages, and so on. Anise seed and the oil of anise play a role in traditional medicines of many nations of the world and have been used for easing various symptoms. Pleasant, sweet and licorice-like aroma of anise oil is used in aromatherapy for promoting relaxation, stress management, treating various fears and preventing panic attacks, reducing the risks of depression and anxiety, as well as treating numerous other health conditions. (more…)