Stevia Herbal Extract

Side Effects Of SteviaStevia herbal extract is one of the most common herbal preparations extracted from well-known Stevia plant (Stevia rebaudiana), or sweetleaf. This plant is native to tropical areas of South and North America, and it has gained a great fame around the globe as a source of stevia extract, an excellent natural sweetener. Due to an abundance of steviol glycoside in this herb, stevia extract is considered approximately 300 timer sweeter and more effective than white sugar, that is why nowadays, this natural sweetener is in a great demand as a super alternative for low-sugar foods.

Stevia extract has a pretty long history of being used in Japan, in one of the most traditional and healthy types of cuisines. Many consider stevial herbal extract to be an ideal substitute for sugar as it is a toxin free and has no harmful chemical compounds. However, due to known and sometimes quite serious side effects of stevia, this herbal extract is banned in some countries of the world (in particular, in the EU). Stevia Herbal ExtractCurrently, stevia is considered quite controversial, but numerous studies have proven effectiveness of this herbal extract as a natural sweetener for people who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, extra weight and other quite common health conditions.

Side effects of stevia include such health conditions as lowered blood pressure, bloating, meteorism and other minor digestive problems, decreased level of blood sugar, muscle pains, numbness, infertility, and others. It is important to be aware about these dangerous actions of this natural sweetener, but by just talking to your health care specialist you can evaluate the chances of yours to suffer from these or other side effects of stevia. A lot of people still choose this effective natural sweetener and live a healthy life, free of refined sugars and other artificial sweeteners.

Other therapeutic properties of stevia herbal extract embrace antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and other healing actions of this natural sweetener. In South America and the Far East this herb is widely used in the form of herbal tea, helping people fight against obesity and hypertension. In Canada, it is possible to get stevia in the form of dietary supplement, and in Mexico, stevia extract is sold in the form of mixed steviol glycoside extract. Remember that pregnant and breastfeeding women are recommended to avoid using this natural sweetener, but it is available and quite safe for all other people, for their benefit.

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