Spearmint Leaf Tea

spearmintSpearmint is one of the best choice for a chef, and this type of mint has long years of being used in medical traditions of many nations of the world. Spearmint is known as garden mint or common mint, and its amazing bright green color is used to decorate various desserts, salads, bakery, jams, jellies, and many other dishes. Spearmint has a great deal of therapeutic powers and health benefits, and it is recommended to use this natural remedy for plenty of conditions, both for treating and for prevention. Spearmint leaf tea is known as one of the most common forms to benefit from organic spearmint. Go on reading to learn more about this aromatic refreshing herbal tea.

It is considered that the best spearmint leaf tea and other spearmint products come from the Balkan countries and Turkey where the best quality spearmint is cultivated. In the United States, great spearmint is cultivated in Oregon, Washington, and other states. It is possible to buy high quality spearmint tea online, or in local herbal shops. This tea has the least menthol from other mint teas, that is why it is highly valued by true tea lovers. spearmint leaf teaHigh quality spearmint leaf tea is made from young leaves and even leaf tips. Most of commercially produced spearmint leaf teas are rich in carvone, one of natural terpenoids. The product is considered quite safe, and it is recommended to consume this natural tea on a daily basis. It is possible to use some honey or some other sweetener for your spearmint leaf tea.

This natural beverage is primarily known as a great refreshing and revitalizing product. It is also known as a great support for our digestive system, and it can be a great remedy to those who suffer from indigestion, a lack of appetite, flatulence, stomach aches, heartburn, and other similar kind of problems. Moreover, it can help patients with such serious health condition as irritable bowel syndrome. Spearmint leaf tea is considered a good antispasmodic, and it can be used to treat stomach spasms and colic. Finally, it is a great natural remedy for pregnant women to treat and prevent the symptoms of morning sickness.

Another very important use of spearmint tea is treating various respiratory system problems. This warm and revitalizing beverage can be of a great help to those who suffer from common cold, a flu, and other conditions linked to respiratory system function. It can help relieve symptoms like sore throat, clogged nose, fever, headaches, and so on. For improving our respiratory system health it is recommended using spearmint leaf tea with some honey and lemon. It is also a great solution to combine this tea with ginger tea. Using this natural product is great for students and those who need to improve alertness, the abilities to focus and concentrate, tone brain function, and so on. Nutritionists and natural medicine promoters say that using 1-2 cups of spearmint leaf tea a day is the safest and the most effective therapeutic dose of this natural beverage.

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