Senna Tea Benefits

SennaSenna (Cassia Angustifolia) is a shrub originating from the Mediterranean region and the Middle East, and in local nations it has been used as an ornamental plant since the times of Ancient Egypt. However, in the rest of the world senna is very highly valued for its medicinal effects and healing properties. This natural ingredient is used for preparing various natural home made remedies like herbal teas, herbal mixture, herbal tinctures, and so on. As a rule, the leaves and flowers of senna are collected for harvesting therapeutic effects and properties of this plant. Numerous studies were conducted in order to look close at healing powers of senna, which have also proven this natural remedy being quite safe and suitable to be used by virtually everyone. That is why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved senna extracts and other remedies with senna for a variety of uses in medicine.

It is hardly possible to find a person interested in natural medicine, who have never heard about excellent laxative properties of senna tea. This tea is recommended as a very powerful detox and natural weight loss remedy. According to the findings of an expert group from the University of Michigan Health System, using senna tea and other products with senna can be a great solution to stimulate fluid secretion in colon and substantially improve the function of this organ. Senna tea is a known and very effective remedy for constipation and poor bowel movements, as well as a famous natural prevention for such a problem as hemorrhoid. Senna TeaSome alternative medicine specialists can recommend senna tea as a part of some short-term weight loss program designed for certain individuals, however, we are highly discouraged from using senna products for weight loss in a long-term perspective.

Therefore, senna tea can be a great momentary solution for rapid bowel cleansing. It can work perfectly great for those people who need some rapid cleansing effects: for example, senna tea can be used for stimulating bowel movements by those patients who are about to undergo a certain surgery or any other related procedure. Some studies have shown that using senna tea in this case can be even more effective than using some popular medications. For example, as the experts from the University of Michigan Health System reported, using this natural laxative can be up to 12 per cent more effective compared to polyethelene glycol which is quite commonly used for stimulating bowel movements in per-surgery patients. Certainly, using a natural laxative like senna tea is linked to reduced risks of unwanted side effects and is safer for all patients.

Despite the mentioned benefits, specialists warn against prolonged usage of senna tea and other senna products. Scientists say that using this natural remedy too often can lead to impaired function of lower intestines, as well as serious problems with liver and kidneys. In particular, potassium loss is named among one of the most serious side effects of using senna tea too often, leading to hormone imbalances and compromised chemical processes in the body, along with such side effects as fatigue, skin problems, cramps, spasms, allergies, kidney stone development, etc. It is especially recommended to keep away from senna tea to pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as to those who are suffering from heart disease, anemia, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and other similar health conditions. If you are willing to benefits from the mentioned effects of senna tea, remember that daily dose of this natural remedy should not exceed 60 mg.

If you want to try using this natural remedy and check out its effects, go to here to find some useful information. Make sure not to use senna tea or any other senna product without consulting your health care specialist or a qualified professional.

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