Salvia Root Extract

Salvia Root Extract BenefitsSalvia miltiorrhiza is one of the basic herbs used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine and known among Chinese herbalists as Dan shen. In Europe, Salvia miltiorrhiza is sometimes referred to as Chinese sage or red sage. This is a perennial plant which is very highly valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its roots. This natural remedy available in the forms of powder or salvia root extract which can be purchased online by every one of us. Health benefits of salvia root extract cover a vast variety of therapeutic properties and healing actions of this herb. Many botanists and herbalists were noticing that Salvia miltiorrheza is in many ways similar to common sage (Salvia officinalis), but salvia miltiorrhiza and salvia root extract benefits are considered more effective, especially for those who suffer from serious cardiovascular health problems.

For over two millenia, this herb has been used in China, Japan, and other nations of the Far East for preventing and treating various heart conditions like heart diseases, a stroke, myocardial infarction, and many more. Numerous studies carried out in the last century resulted in finding plenty of scientific evidence of the fact that salvia miltiorrhiza has excellent properties to decrease blood’s ability to clot, this way decreasing the risks of many common cardiovascular conditions. In addition, a regular use of salvia root herbal preparations were proven to strengthen blood arteries and have positive effects on our cardiovascular function in general. Benefits Of Salvia Root ExtractThat is why those who were diagnosed with coronary artery disease, other blood vessels or blood circulation related conditions can try saliva root extract benefits.

Supporting blood flow to brain and preventing such serious diseases as Alzheimer’s, memory loss, etc. are also among the most valuable health benefits of salvia root extract. This natural product is very much recommended to aging people because using it on a daily basis is a great solution for supporting overall health, improving muscle and bone health, providing natural and absolutely safe support for kidney, liver, and spleen function, etc. In addition, salvia root extract can assist in maintaining healthy energy levels in the body, reducing fever in¬† a natural way, improving skin health, especially wound healing and skin dryness, preventing various skin infections like acne, and so on.

The most recent researches have shown that salvia root extract benefits also include antioxidant and antiviral properties which can be used to support our health and prevent many negative processes in the body related to aging. As a natural support for liver function, this natural remedy can effectively prevent all types of liver damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption or any other substance abuse. Finally, the studies carried out by Chinese scientists (published in Journal of Natural Products, 73(5), and the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 1999) have found out that salvia products and salvia root extract have very powerful anti-cancer properties and can be used to prevent liver cancer, leukemia, and other types of this terrible disease. If you are considering trying this amazing natural product, do not forget to talk to your health care specialist who can assist you in maximizing salvia root extract benefits.

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