Rosewood Essential Oil

Health Benefits Of Rosewood OilRosewood essential oil is one of the herbal remedies known for its special and uplifting aroma. This natural product is extracted from rosewood plant (Aniba rosaeodora) that grows mainly in Brazil and South America, and the method of extraction is based on steam distillation from the wood chips. Rosewood essential oil has spicy and somehow tea-like aroma, a little floral and very pleasant. There are numerous health benefits of rosewood oil, which have been known and used for centuries to heal a great variety of illnesses and diseases, starting from frigidity and depression and ending up with skin problems.

The main chemical components of rosewood essential oil are limonene, geraniol, benzaldehyde, camphene, myrcene, a-pinene, neral, and others. This natural product is considered quite safe and non-irritant, however, still it is necessary to talk to your health care specialist prior using this oil,  in order to avoid possible complications. The main health benefits of rosewood oil embrace analgesic, anti-bacterial, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, anti-depressant, relaxing, calming, insecticide, deodorant, and other therapeutic properties of this amazing natural extract. Rosewood oil benefitsThere is a great variety of uses of this oil in aromatherapy, primarily as a mood lifting and effective anti-depressant natural treatment.

In addition to achieving emotional stability, this oil can be recommended to be used by those who suffer from chronic headaches, joint pains, sore muscles, influenza, or mumps. Rosewood oil benefits as an aphrodisiac can assist all men and women in fighting such problems as infertility, frigidity, impotence, as well as help create new feelings and new sexual drive. Very powerful stimulant properties of this oil can be used to improve secretion of hormones, bile production in the body, improve digestive function, blood circulation, and tone the function of all major body systems.

Skin care is another very common field to use numerous health benefits of rosewood oil. This natural extract can help speed up healing wounds or cuts, prevent acne and skin infections, soothe skin and improve its elasticity. It has been reported also that this natural product has excellent rejuvenation powers that can be applied for our skin. Adding a couple of drops of high quality rosewood oil into your cream, body care lotion or other cosmetic product can be a great way to utilize the mentioned rosewood oil benefits for your skin. Finally, some latest studies showed certain potential of rosewood oil for possible cancer treatment.

If you want to learn more about rosewood oil benefits and try this amazing herbal remedy, click here.


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