Rosemary Essential Oil Can Help Boost Memory

Rosemary OilRosemary essential oil is undoubtedly one of the most and the best known essential oils famous for its multiple uses. It has plenty of medicinal properties discovered many centuries ago. Rosemary is also an important culinary spice very often used for cooking meat and vegetables and give a special pleasant woody aroma to the meals. This spice is exceptionally popular among those who prefer healthy eating and enjoy traditional Mediterranean diet. An extreme multitude of medicinal properties of rosemary essential oil makes it a natural product which can be found virtually in every house, and currently, this essential oil is one of the most researched and studied natural extracts. Aromatherapy is certainly the most common and the most recommended way to use this oil in order to improve our health and prevent various health conditions. You can read more about numerous health benefits and therapeutic properties of rosemary essential oil in this article.

At the same time, a great number of scientific studies and works on learning new amazing properties of this essential oils are going on in the labs of the world’s leading research institutions. Scientists believe that there are plenty of unknown effects and secrets hidden in the refreshing aroma of rosemary essential oil. Interesting findings of one related study were recently published in academic journals. A group of researchers from University of Northumbria at Newcastle, the UK, has completed the experiment and came up with the conclusions that it is possible to use rosemary essential oil aroma in order to improve memory and brain function in healthy adult people. Rosemary essential oilThe scientists are convinced that this natural product can in the future play a great role as a natural remedy to boost memory, improve our abilities to memorize things and especially recall some memories from our early life in a short-term period of time. The findings were received by the researchers after a series of experiments with volunteers.

A group of 66 people of various age was formed to test the abilities of rosemary essential oil aroma to stimulate human memory. The participants were given a series of memory tests in a rosemary scented room and a room with no scent. The tests were designed especially for the experiment and directed on assessing memory function of the participants. There were tasks on finding hidden objects, choosing specific objects pointed on before, and other similar quite simple tasks. After analyzing the collected data, it became apparent that all the participants without exception demonstrated much better results when managing with their tests in rosemary scented room compared to the results shown in the room with no scent. Therefore, rosemary essential oil should be considered as an effective memory boosting solution which works great for all adult people. It can become a safe and available solution for everyone who needs to improve memory performance in a short term scale.

According to Dr. Mark Moss, a Head of Psychology University of Northumbria at Newcastle, one of the study leaders and the author of the report, the tests they carried out were directed on checking out the properties of prospective memory of the study participants, under effects of rosemary scent or without those effects. Jemma McCready, another member of the research group, underlined that this was not the first experiment discovering the links between rosemary essential oil and improved memory function in adults. There was a number of preliminary researches stating that by using this natural product it is possible to boost the ability of the participants remember certain things, especially the memories from the past.  However, with the findings of this study, the ability of rosemary essential oil to assist in stimulating our memory function and help boost memory has got enough of scientific evidence to be understood as a proven scientific fact.

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