Rhodiola Herbal Extract

Rhodiola Rosea ExtractRhodiola Rosea is a common herb that grows throughout the Northern Hemisphere, from the Rocky Mountains to the Alps and the Carpathian Mountains, and further to the highlands of the Japanese Islands. This yellow-flowered mountain plant is also known  as Roseroot, Golden Root, Aaron’s Root, etc. Therapeutic properties and health benefits of rhodiola rosea have been known for many centuries, and healing powers of this natural remedy can be taken by eating fresh stems and shoots of the plant, as well as by using herbal preparations with those parts of the plant. Nowadays, rhodiola rosea extract is one of the most common forms of using this excellent natural remedy, though tinctures are still being used for preparing numerous folk remedies for a variety of health conditions. Rhodiola herbal extract usually goes in tablets or capsules.

Rhodiola rosea and rhodiola herbal extract have been known in many European folk medicines and in Russian folk medicine as an excellent natural tonic. This is one of the most known herbal remedies for revitalizing and naturally boosting both mental and physical performance.  In particular, natural remedies with rhodiola rosea extracts have been very highly valued as great solutions for combating physical fatigue, so rhodiola herbal extract can be recommended as a safe and effective natural solution for alleviating chronic fatigue syndrome, which is becoming more and more common for the last decade. Rhodiola Herbal ExtractIn addition, some recipes of ancient natural aphrodisiac brews include rhodiola rosea as a herb that can boost sexual health of both men and women.

Recent findings about this natural remedy have shown that rhodiola rosea extract can be a good remedy for psychological disorders and related symptoms. As a group of Russian scientists has found out, using rhodiola herbal extract in conjunction with St. John’s Wort extracts can assist in receiving great effects when treating depression, from mild to moderate one. These effects can be achieved at the expense of the ability of phodiola rosea to balance the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the body, similarly to the effects of the most known pharmaceutical anti-depressants like amitriptyline and many others. Thus, rhodiola herbal extract can be of a great help for those who suffer from nervousness, emotional instability, insomnia, decreased mental abilities, and so on.

Rhodiola herbal extract or decoction made from the flowers of the herb can also be recommended to treat minor digestive disorders, stomach ache, constipation, and similar health conditions. This herbal remedy has properties to regulate stress-related changes in appetite and assist in more effective weight loss management. Finally, rhodiola rosea has excellent effects to alleviate the symptoms of respiratory system problems, including sore throat, coughs, chest pains, and so on. Some sources report about the effectiveness of herbal preparations from the flowers of rhodiola rosea in treatment of such a serious health condition as tuberculosis. Despite the absence of serious risks of suffering from unwanted side effects while using this herbal remedy, do not forget to talk to your health care specialist prior starting any sort of treatment involving rhodiola rosea.

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