Pygeum Bark Tea

Health Benefits of Pygeum Bark TeaPygeum tree (Pygeum Africanum) is an African evergreen plum tree that can be found in south and central Africa. Pygeum tree fruits are used by African population as food, and pygeum tree bark is used for preparing extracts, infusion, powder, and other natural solutions. The bark of this tree has been known for its therapeutic properties of many centuries, and the indigenous population use pygeum bark tea as an aphrodisiac. It could help to combat sexual dysfunction like decreased libido or chronic problems with prostate in men. Several dacades ago, a group of scientists  at the U.S. National Institutes of Health carried out and extensive study of this natural remedy and discovered a great deal of health benefits of pygeum bark tea and other preparations.

Pygeum bark contains a number of triterpenoid compounds like ferulic acid, oleanolic acid and ursolic acid, as well as beta-sitosterol, and many pygeum bark tea benefits are derived from the properties of these very compounds. In particular, triterpenoid compounds are known for their excellent powers to inhibit cellular inflammatory processes, therefore, health benefits of pygeum bark tea embrace relieving the symptoms of bronchitis, influenza, and various respiratory infections. Pygeum Bark Tea BenefitsBesides, it was found out that triterpenoid compounds can assist in controlling oxidative stress on cellular levels, this way protecting us from the effects of premature aging.

There are two common ways of preparing and enjoying health benefits of pygeum bark tea. One involves using pygeum bark powder, which can be infused in boiling water for a few minutes. Boiling chopped bark in water for 10-15 minutes is another common way to make this amazing tea. Pygeum bark infusion is recommended to all modern men for protecting their prostate health and preventing various illnesses related to prostate gland function. In particular, the experts at the University of Maryland Medical Center reported about the effectiveness of this tea for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia, or prostate enlargement.

Besides, health benefits of pygeum bark tea include natural properties of this herbal remedy to increase the urinary function. It can be used to prevent urinary tract infections and tone the function of bladder. This natural remedy is considered effective to fight fever. Finally, pygeum bark tea benefits can be used for hair care and the infusion can be used as a hair wash after shampooing. Discover unique natural properties of this interesting product, and do not forget to talk to your doctor or a competent health care specialist prior starting any sort of treatment or therapy involving this herbal tea.

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