Patchouli Essential Oil

health benefits of patchouli oilPatchouli Essential Oil is a natural product received by steam distillation from the leaves and branches of Patchouli plant (Pogostemon cablin). This tropic plant is cultivated in South Asia, the countries like Malaysia, India, Java islands, and so on. Patchouli oil has very distinctive, earthy, deep and very strong aroma, which reminds many people about ancient history and odors from the Far East. Health benefits of patchouli oil are numerous, and this natural extract has been used for many centuries in alternative medicine, aromatherapy, cosmetology, perfumery, for production of household necessities, and so on.

The chemical content of patchouli essential oil includes such compounds as a-patchoulene, b-patchoulene, a-guaiene, a-bulnesene, caryophyllene, patchouli alcohol, seychellene, and others. Since old times, patchouli oil was known for its insect repellant properties, which were widely used in many Asian countries to protect people from insect bites and various types of poisoning. In addition to that, such patchouli oil benefits as stimulating and aphrodisiac powers were also very highly valued, that’s why ancient Indian and Chinese herbalists used to recommend this oil to treat infertility, low libido in men and women, and ever erectile dysfunction.

patchouli essential oilMedicinal properties and health benefits of patchouli oil also include excellent calming, sedative and antidepressant properties. By using this oil in aromatherapy, it is possible to calm down nervous tension, relieve the symptoms of stresses, improve memory and stimulate creative abilities. This oil can also help calm down various allergic reactions and get rid of cellulite. This can be achieved by improving metabolism and local action of the oil while doing special anti-cellulite massages.

Antiseptic and anti-fungal health benefits of patchouli oil can assist in combating skin or nail fungus, treating wounds, cuts, boils, burns and so on. Slight anti-inflammatory properties of this natural extract can assist in getting rid of acne, respiratory system infections, eczema, dermatitis, as well as treating pox, measles and other similar diseases. Patchouli essential oil can be used to stimulate and improve the function of the digestive system, prevent bloating, constipation and nausea, stimulate appetite and prevent intestinal infections. This oil is considered to be a great natural immune system booster.

Being a potent diuretic, this natural product can assist in improving the function of the kidneys and remove toxins from the body, as well as speed up weight loss and decrease LDL cholesterol levels in the blood. Besides, patchouli oil benefits include excellent rejuvenating and regenerating properties, that’s why this natural extract is highly valued in cosmetics and used for various creams, tonics and other skin care products. Patchouli essential oil is used for preventing hair loss and improving the hair quality. This oil goes perfect with lavender essential oil, bergamot essential oil, jojoba essential oil, apricot kernel essential oil, myrrh essential oil and others.

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