Passion Flower Tea

Health Benefits Of Passion Flower TeaPassion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) is a plant which produces definitely one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. This is a herbaceous climbing plant that blossoms in summer with a big yellow, violet and white flowers. The plant received its name in the 16th century from a Spanish herbalist and doctor, exactly for its beautiful blossoms. But in some localities in the Southeast of the United States, passion flower is called maypop or maracuja. Therapeutic properties and health benefits of passion flower tea or other preparations have been known and used for many years. This amazing natural remedy can assist in treating and preventing a great number or ailments and health conditions, at that allowing to avoid serious unwanted side effects and health risks.

Traditionally, this medicinal herb has been extensively used in folk medicine of the Inks and other indigenous populations of North America. The oldest known passion flower tea benefits include sedative and anti-spasmodic properties. Till modern times passion flower and its herbal preparations are very highly valued as an excellent natural sedative and tranquilizer, which can be used to treat nervousness, anxiety, irritability, increased sensitivity, depression, insomnia, and all other most common effects of stresses. Passion Flower Tea BenefitsPassion flower is a very safe remedy which is recommended to be used even in small kids who suffer from hyperactivity, increased sensitivity, nervousness, and related health conditions. However, it is necessary to use this remedy in children only under a supervision of a doctor or a qualified health care specialist.

The mentioned properties of passion flower and its herbal preparations have quite strong scientific backgrounds, and one of the latest studies proving great anti-stress and anti-anxiety benefits of passion flower tea were published in the journal European Neuropsychopharmacology in 2011. This natural remedy is very popular in Europe and the Middle East, and in many countries of Europe passion flower is used as one of the most common components of natural medicines for insomnia. It is reported that calming and relaxing passion flower tea benefits also have very good pain relieving effects and can be used to treat headaches, toothache, menstrual pains, colic, as well as pains and discomfort associated with asthma and even lower back pains.

A regular consumption of this herbal tea is linked to lower risks to suffer from elevated blood pressure, anemia, and Parkinson’s disease. Besides, passion flower tea or infusion can be used topically to treat minor skin condition and heal wounds, cuts, insect bites, and so on. This tea can helpĀ  produce more testosterone in men, thus prevent many health condition related to increased amounts on estrogens in male body. Finally, health benefits of passion flower tea can be used to relax muscle spasms and cramps, to treat minor digestive problems like nausea or vomiting, stimulate detoxification, prevent some infections, or combat fatigue. Do not forget to consult your health care specialist prior using this natural remedy or any type of treatment involving it.

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