Oregano Essential Oil

Benefits of Oregano OilOil of oregano is an amazing and very popular natural product extracted from the leaves of oregano plant (Origanum vulgare) which grows in remote mountainous regions and can be found in great amounts in the Mediterranean region, especially in Greece and Turkey. The other specie of oregano plant, Origanum Marjoram, is very commonly used as a natural food and an ingredient for salads, vegetable dishes, and other meals. It has a giant number of therapeutic values and healing actions which have been known since the early times. Most of those are also known and can be used by everyone of us as oregano oil benefits. Also, this oil is known as one of the most potent ones among all existing essential oils.

The researches have shown that oil of oregano has two principal compounds, thymol and carvacrol. These two substances are providing excellent fungicide, anti-bacterial and anti-viral health benefits of oregano oil as they can have great destroying effects on all sorts of bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms causing a great deal of infections diseases and illnesses. Sometimes, carvascol concentrations in oil of oregano can reach up to 70 per cent. It is interesting that nowadays, it is possible to use oregano oil benefits by using this natural product not only in common liquid form, but also in the form of capsules and even pills.

Medicinal properties and health benefits of oregano oil were well know in Ancient Greece, so local health care practitioners recommended using this natural product for skin care and preventing skin infections, wound healing, and as a great anti-parasitic and insecticide. Oil of oregano is known as a great natural painkiller which can be even as powerful as morphine. Oregano Oil BenefitsSteven Foster, a famous herbal enthusiast and book author, wrote that oil of oregano has “been employed to treat indigestion, diarrhea, nervous tension, insect bites, toothache, earache, rheumatism and coughs due to whooping cough and bronchitis (primarily for it’s antispasmodic effects).”

Oregano oil is a very strong natural immune stimulant and can be used to boost the function of our immune system. Also, this product can be used as natural antibiotic by those who by some reasons can not benefits from synthesized antibiotics. Anti-cancer and anti-aging properties and benefits of oregano oil are stipulated by high natural content of flavonoids and phenolic compounds. Oil of oregano can be used topically to reduce muscle and joint pains, improve respiratory health and reduce the symptoms of common cold. It can be used to ease digestive problems like increased acidity or indigestion.

Oregano oil benefits also include excellent purifying properties of this natural product which can be used to stimulate toxin removal from the body. This oil can be applied topically to treat the variety of above mentioned problems (starting from digestive problems and ending up with Athlete’s foot and hair loss), as well as taken inside or inhaled when using aromatherapy tools. Do not forget to talk to your health care specialist or other competent professional prior using oregano oil benefits in terms of any sort of treatment or recreation program.

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