Milk Thistle Herbal Tea

milk thistle tea benefitsMilk Thistle (Silybum Adans.) is a flowering perennial plant native to the Mediterranean regions, the Middle East and Western Europe, which also grows throughout North America. Tall thistle-like flowers of this plant, varying in color from light pink to dark  purple, can be easily spotted on the fields and in the valleys in all geographical areas with moderate climate. It received its nickname “milky” thistle because its leaves contain a sort of white sap, pretty mush resembling milk. Traditionally, milk thistle herbal tea has been used to prevent liver diseases and improve detoxification, and health benefits of milk thistle tea are expanding with new studies and researches.

Milk thistle herbal tea is actually made from milk thistle seeds, which should be harvested in late summer, dried and get ready for tea production. Many nutritionists and experts say that combining this herbal tea with peppermint tea is a great solution for receiving a beverage with a lot better taste, as well as to expand milk thistle tea health benefits. health benefits of milk thistle teaThis herbal tea can be recommended to almost everyone as it is a caffeine free and a very therapeutic remedy for a number of health condition.

Apart from being a very effective natural liver function support, milk thistle herbal tea can be used to regulate bile production in the body and prevent all possible disorders connected to gall bladder function. Other important health benefits of milk thistle tea embrace quite good laxative properties, which can be used to regulate the function of our digestive system and prevent constipation. In addition, a regular use of this herbal tea can assist in lowing LDL cholesterol level in blood, this way decreasing the risks of life-threatening cardiovascular diseases like heart disease or a stroke.

Besides, milk thistle herbal tea  can be recommended to everyone who suffers from type 2 diabetes as this tea is considered one of the best herbal remedies to reduce insulin resistance.  Milk thistle tea health benefits also include quite powerful antioxidant properties which are especially effective for prostate, breast and cervical cancer prevention. Finally, this natural remedy is considered a great solution for reducing the effects of a hangover. Though this herbal tea is supposed to be quite safe, you should use it with caution, especially in case if you are allergic to other herbs of the Daisy family.

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