Mate Tea

Mate TeaMate tea is a well known therapeutic beverage which is widely used and loved for many centuries in the countries of its origin, including Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and other nations of South America. It is sometimes called yerba mate tea, St. Bartholemew’s Tea,¬† Paraguay Tea, Jesuit’s Brazil Tea, or chimarr√£o tea. The therapeutic beverage has got its fame for very high content of caffeine, and it is prepared from the leaves of mate tea which can be found in many regions of South America, as well as in some areas in the Middle East. It is interesting that traditionally, in South America countries mate tea is served with a special massive silver straw (called a masassa or a bombilla), because this herbal infusion is usually prepared by using plenty of dried material, so the straw allows enjoying the tea while it is hot and the dried leaves are still on the top of the beverage. As a rule, for preparing the beverage the dried, chopped and properly selected mate tree leaves are used.

Indigenous populations is South America value highly this beverage and consider mate tea to be their national therapeutic drink. Excellent stimulating properties of this natural beverage were used to improve brain activity, revitalize and stimulate the function of all body systems and organs, and especially energize and relieve fatigue, mental and physical tiredness, etc. In the recent decades, the studies have found out that mate leaves contain very high amounts of caffeine, thus can play a role of really effective stimulant. Yerba Mate TeaIn addition to that, the studies have shown that mate tea can also be a good source of valuable elements and essential nutrients like potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, and a few vitamins of B group. In addition, it was found out that mate tea is very rich in natural antioxidant elements, and according to the findings, this tea has higher antioxidant potency comparing to green tea famous for its antioxidant and cancer-fighting effects.

Reducing our bad cholesterol levels is among the newly discovered property of mate tea. It was known before that stimulating properties of this tea can be used to speed up metabolism and increase the effectiveness of a weight loss program. However, according to the findings of an expert group at the University of Illinois published in 2007, consuming 3-4 small cups of fresh high quality mate tea can help reducing the levels of LDL bad cholesterol by up to 10 per cent. There is some evidence to the fact that mate tea has very good natural anti-inflammatory properties, and it can be recommended to apply strong mate tea topically to lower joint pains and muscle aches related to arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These therapeutic effects of mate tea can be used to treat and prevent infections related to bladder, urinary tract, and kidneys, but there is a lack of scientific prove of the fact that this natural product will really work.

Cardiovascular benefits of mate tea consumption have been also known since the earliest times. Drinking a few cups of this tea on a regular basis can be of help for lowering blood pressure, preventing and treating such a common problem as arrhythmia and irregular heartbeat, and this natural remedy is considered to be a great solution to prevent more serious heart problems like heart disease or heart attack. Finally, it is necessary to mention the existing controversy related to anti-cancer benefits of mate tea. A great number of studies were carried out to find some scientific evidence to prove that this natural infusion can assist in preventing cancer. Some of the studies ended with proving the effectiveness of this tea in preventing colon cancer, oral cancer, and some other types of cancer. At the same time, there were also links between mate tea consumption and increased lung cancer, esophagus cancer, and other types of cancer found. At that, some risks were caused by natural content of mate tree leaves, and some were caused by low quality mate product used as a dried material for preparing tea.

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