Lavender Extract and Lavender Oil

Lavender OilLavender extract is quite a popular herbal remedy derived from the flowers of Lavandula officinalis. Lavender extract has been used for centuries as an effective natural cleansing agent, anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredient. Usually, the finest and the highest quality lavender extracts contain water, alcohol and the purest Lavender oil. Such extracts are very versatile and can be used with a great variety of purposes, from therapeutic to culinary.

Lavender extracts and products have many therapeutic benefits, including balancing our central nervous system, relieving nervous pains (such as lumbago, joint and muscle aches, rheumatoid pains, etc.), healing wounds and skin irritations, soothing spirit, relieving stresses and tension, protecting our skin and body against various bacterial and fungal infections, and so on. Also, lavender extracts are known as a very effective natural treatment for such common problem as acne.

Lavender ExtractLavender oil and lavender extracts play a key role in aromatherapy. It has extremely nice calming aroma, which can be used for baths, therapeutic massages and stem therapies. Sweet fragrance of lavender oil has numerous therapeutic effects and can assist you in calming down headaches, anxiety and nervousness, decreasing the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, allergic reactions and colds, fighting insomnia, migraines and restlessness, as well as improve your skin tone and hair quality.

Lavender extracts and dried lavender herb have wide applications in culinary. They can be used as a dressing for various sauces and salads. Lavender flavor tends to be more herbal than floral, that is why it can be used as an excellent spice for meat, especially chicken and turkey. Try to add several drops of high quality lavender extract or lavender oil to your cake, browneis, cookies, tea or lemonade, ice cream, fruit salad or other dish, and you’ll get a chance to enjoy the favor and benefits of this wonderful herbal remedy.

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