Kombucha Tea Benefits

kombucha teaSome of us heard about this interesting fermented beverage, kombucha tea, known also as tea fungus or manchurian tea. There are talks about its being effective for some diseases and health conditions, that is why it is quite popular in the far east, mainly in China and Japan. However, a little is known about it in modern Europe and North America where plenty of enthusiasts are eager to know what is kombucha tea and what are its potential health benefits. Actually, kombucha is a natural beverage made by fermenting a special culture of bacteria and yeast known as “Kombucha mushroom” in common black or white tea. Though the kombucha culture is sometimes considered mushroom, biologically it is qute far from it, being only a composition of acetic acid bacteria like Acetobacter and some types of yeast like Candida stellata, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Brettanomyces bruxellensis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or other. Some biology specialists call it a microbial culture, or something that is known as a zoogleal mat.

It is believed that the culture received its name from a Japanese word kombu, which forms the expression “kombucha tea” meaning ‘red tea mushroom’ in Japanese. It is interesting that for many years kombucha tea has been popular in Eastern regions of Russia, known as “tea fungus”. Similarly, this type of beverage is known and widely used in Indonesia, Malaysia, and other neighboring nations, where it is known under the name of kwassan, haipao, tschambucco, and others. As a rule, the beverage is prepared by adding the microbial culture to some sugary tea, and then letting it mix and ferment for a certain period of time. what is kombucha teaTherefore, pretty many people are aware of what is kambucha tea, and can enjoy the opportunity to consume this interesting therapeutic beverage. However, what are the main health benefits and nutritional values of kombucha tea? Were there some researches or studies to find out more about the benefits, and what were the findings of such scientific works?

According to Brent A. Bauer, M.D., a professor of medicine at Mayo Medical School, kombucha tea can be considered a valuable source of some nutrients essential for our health and normal function of our body. In particular, some useful acidic elements like acetic acid, usnic acid, malic acid, glucuronic acid, butyric acid, and others, as well as some vitamins from B complex were found in this natural remedy. As it is stated in many alternative medicine books of Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, and other traditional medicines of the Far Eastern nations, kombucha tea should be considered a great natural detoxification solution which can help to clean our body from toxins and our mind from bad thoughts. Rich in glucuronic acid, this natural beverage is supposed to be a good cancer prevention since this substance is a proven natural anti-cancer agent. This very compound is also known for its being a great natural support for our liver health. Other valuable health benefits of kombucha tea include imrpoving our digestion and supporting the function of our immune system.

However, according to Dr. Bauer, there is no good scientific evidence to the fact that kombucha tea has plenty of benefits and can be used by everyone of us. Most of the above mentioned conclusions as to health benefits of this natural tea are made basing on the properties of the substances which were found in this tea. However, there were no studies of the effects of the tea itself. Moreover, he underlines that there were reports about side effects of using kombucha tea. The symptoms most commonly included allergic reactions, quite severe stomach upset, fever, trouble breathing, infections, and so on. Therefore, the specialist recommends always talk to your health care professional or any other qualified expert before starting any kind of therapy, or before simply using kombucha tea. Despite the fact that for many people it can be useful and healthy to use kombucha tea, for some of us consuming this natural product can be linked to certain risks and possible serious adverse effects. Always remember about safety!

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