Jojoba Essential Oil

jojoba oil benefitsJojoba essential oil is a very valuable natural extract received by steam distillation from the seeds of jojoba tree (Simmodsia chinensis). This oil is a smooth light slightly yellowish liquid that plays a leading role in modern natural cosmetics and is widely used for skin care, hair care and other purposes. Due to such properties of jojoba essential oil as very low toxicity, as well as the absence of too strong odor and color, this natural extract is very often used as a base carrier oil for special natural cosmetic products and herbal preparations for skin care.

Jojoba oil benefits are numerous and very powerful. They include regenerative, anti-aging, antibacterial, nourishing, moisturizing, revitalizing, cleansing, anti-inflammatory and other properties of this natural product.  Jojoba oil is rich in minerals (copper, chromium, zinc, iodine, silica and others), vitamins (including vitamin E and B group), fatty acids and various other components. A characteristic difference of jojoba essential oil is the fact that it does not contain triglycerides, in contrast to other seed oils.

One of the main health benefits of jojoba oil is its regulating properties which can be used to regulate and normalize the function of skin sebum production. That is why this oil can be good for all types of skin to nourish it and create a fresh look. For oily skin, jojoba oil can be blended with cedarwood essential oil, bergamot essential oil or cypress essential oil, and for dry skin it is recommended to blend jojoba oil with ylang-ylang essential oil, geranium essential oil, chamomile essential oil, lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil, rose essential oil, sandalwood essential oil or patchouli essential oil.

jojoba essential oilAnti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of this natural extract can assist in combating such skin problems as acne, dermatitis, fungal invasions, insect bites and so on. These health benefits of jojoba oil can ease and relieve such problems as roasea, eczema, psoriasis and others. Healing effects of jojoba oil can be also effective for those who is suffering from warts, cuts, wounds, bruises, athlete’s foot and similar skin conditions. Antibacterial actions of jojoba oil can be successfully supported by such natural remedies as aloe vera or chamomile.

In addition, the above mentioned properties and jojoba oil benefits can be used for hair care. It is very effective for strengthening and nourishing dull, brittle and thin hair, and the best method to use jojoba oil is to add it to your hair care cosmetic products, or massage your scalp with it regularly before washing your hair. It can help in combating such common problem as dandruff. Jojoba essential oil is one of those herbal remedies which work wonders and can assist every woman to preserve her unique natural beauty for many years.

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