Jasmine Tea Benefits

Jasmine Green TeaJasmine flavored tea is definitely one of the most amazing beverages with incredible mesmerizing aroma, tender and romantic. Jasmine (known as jessamine in some Asian countries) is a flowering shrub with beautiful white flowers. Picked in the morning and processed further in correspondence to their possible use, jasmine flowers and their extracts are commonly used in perfumery and cosmetics, as well as play a role as culinary aromatic agent for wines, other alcoholic beverages, and some types of desserts. Jasmine is extensively cultivated in France and Italy, the nations with very advanced traditions of both perfumery and wine industry. Jasmine flower tea and jasmine green tea are extremely popular in modern China and Japan, where this kind of tea is consumed in great amounts and serve for many other traditional purposes. It is an important element of famous tea ceremony, and also can be used during religious ceremonies.

However, in the US and Europe, jasmine tea is a regular black, green, white, or oolong tea with jasmine flavor, therefore, the most valuable jasmine tea benefits are derived from the health benefits of the basic tea that jasmine flowers are mixed with. Those include excellent antioxidant and anti-aging benefits that tea leaves are known for. Due to a high content of natural antioxidants, flavonoids, tea is considered an amazing therapeutic beverage to prevent all diseases and health conditions linked to aging, including serious cardiovascular diseases, cancer, skin aging signs, and so on. Jasmine Tea BenefitsOther most known benefits of tea include detoxification properties and preventing various kidney problems, reducing blood cholesterol, reducing risks of obesity and preventing a number of serious health conditions linked to being overweight.

At the same time, there are a few important therapeutic properties of jasmine flowers which can be attributed to this very natural remedy and should be added as jasmine tea benefits, too. First of all, jasmine is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory remedy with centuries of history of being used to prevent many common types of inflammations. In Traditional Chinese medicine, jasmine flower tea and jasmine green tea  are known remedies to prevent inflammation in kidneys and intestines, and also to reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Besides, jasmine herbal infusion can be used externally to prevent and treat a variety of skin inflammations. In addition, jasmine tea benefits include very powerful calming, sedative and relaxing properties. Drinking jasmine green tea or jasmine black tea is a known solution to reduce the symptoms of stresses and depression, like anxiety, irritability, sensitivity, sadness, depressive mood, excessive tiresome, and so on.

According to ancient Chinese manuscripts, jasmine also has excellent aphrodisiac properties. Therefore, drinking this tea can be used to improve sexual health, increase libido and treat infertility. Studies have shown that these jasmine tea benefits are derived from a high concentration of benzoic acetate. A study by an expert group at the Chinese University of Hong Kong , published in 2000, has found that jasmine green tea can assist in reducing the risks of elevated blood pressure and treating this common health condition. Finally, the teas with jasmine flavor can be good remedies to treat chronic headaches, as well as relieve the symptoms of respiratory system conditions. Therefore, consuming jasmine teas can be both very pleasant and healthy. Jasmine green tea and other sorts of tea with jasmine have no known side effects, and the recommended daily dose of such tea is 2-4 cups.

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