Hornbeam Flower Essence

hornbeamHornbeam flower essence (Carpinus Betulus) is one of the most commonly used flower essences known for its natural powers to relieve mental weariness and boost energy. Do you know how hard it can be to get focused and start dealing with the urgent problems at work on Monday morning? Or do you know how difficult it can be to re-direct your mind effectively to get a new look at your routine daily tasks? Let refreshing and enthusiastic fragrance of Hornbeam flower essence help you! This flower essence can act as a morning shower to revive your body and mind!

hornbeam flower essenceHornbeam flower essence was created by Dr. Bach and can assist everyone who feels chronically tired, exhausted, or who wants to boost own energy levels in a natural way. In his works, Dr. Bach mentioned that using hornbeam flower essence has strong links to such qualities as vitality, endurance, inner power and strength, excellent coping skills and so on. This natural remedy has excellent tonic and refreshing effects that can be used in our usual life or even as a part of any type of mental rehabilitation. This essence can be used to relieve such physical effects of exhaustion as irritated eyes or heavy legs.

Hornbeam flower essence can be of a great help to those who suffer from daily routine tasks and all activities which become tiresome. It helps to acquire a fresh perspective on usual or common things in our life. This flower essence is a greatest remedy to nourish your soul with new feelings and new emotions, this way opening a path to new joys and new entertainments in your life. Hornbeam flower essence is one of those herbal essences which is frequently used in combination with other ones, like gentian, olive or white chestnut flower essence.

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