Herbal Extracts And Essences: The Basics

Herbal ExtractsModern epoch brings us more and more of public health challenges caused by genetic mutations, unwanted side effects of developing technologies and changes in our lifestyle. It is difficult to admit but in our times, such serious and diseases as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis and strike younger people. If only several decades ago it was common for the most heart surgeons to operate the patients between ages 50 and 60, nowadays the age of those who need heart surgery fluctuates between 40 and 55. This tendency overwhelms world’s health care system and makes the world’s leading medical specialists look for alternative solutions which could save the situation in public health care.

Herbal EssencesIn this context, using herbal extracts, essences and herbal remedies has become a new solution which is unique and diverse at the same time. Herbal essences and extracts are complex natural structures which contain millions of bioactive cells acting together for preventing and treating a certain ailment or disease. Common herbal extracts and essences are the concentrates of liquid extractions received from herbal materials. Such extracts are considered to be even more effective than a whole herb to be used with medicinal purposes.

At that, a very important factor is that using herbal extracts and essences can perfectly serve the new approach which is currently being widely practiced in modern public medicine: “Prevention is better than cure”. Also, herbal essences and extracts are very effective for treating chronic and even some critical ailments, as these natural remedies can provide gentle but strong prebiotic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects. Besides, most herbal essences have positive effects on our immune system helping us to fight various infections and viral diseases.

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