Health Benefits Of Oolong Tea

Oolong tea benefitsOolong tea (or Wu Long Tea) is very well-familiar to people living in Oriental regions, but those who live in Europe and both Americas have got a chance to enjoy the taste and numerous oolong tea benefits. This tea received its name from the Chinese word for “Black Dragon”. Nowadays this tea is available around the world in tea bags or whole (loose) leaf. The tea comes from the same plant as green tea but undergoes some specific type of fermentation or oxidation which makes its production longer than the one of green tea but shorted than the one of black tea.

Oolong tea taste is closer to the one of green tea,  but less grassy and mire floral. There are numerous varieties of this tea, from heavily to lightly oxidized, and one of the best quality oolong tea is considered the one produced in Taiwan. Health benefits of oolong tea are not as numerous as the ones of black and especially green tea, but some specialists tend to link this phenomena with less knowledge and less scientific research in this type of tea as it is not too very popular and its consumption does not exceed 2%.

health benefits of oolong teaThe most important healing powers of this tea are derived from  its high contents of antioxidants. These natural compounds block the activities of free radicals this way protecting us from premature aging, cancer and other diseases. Japanese scientists found out that oolong tea has less amounts of antioxidants than green tea but more than black tea. Oolong tea benefits also include promoting weight loss. Many studies have shown that oolong tea is better in stimulating fat burning than green or black tea.

One more essential natural property of this tea is reducing cholesterol built-up in our blood vessels, this way protecting us against many serious and sometimes lethal diseases like heart attack, myocardial infarction and so on. Ooling tea can be used to support the function of our digestive system, promote healthier bones and protect all modern women against such common disease as osteoporosis. Other health benefits of oolong tea embrace anti-allergic properties and treating skin disorders, lowering blood pressure, boosting our immune system, preventing infections and tooth decay, reducing the risks of type II diabetes and so on.

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