Gorse Flower Essence

Gorse Flower EssenceGorse is a unique amazing flower essence received from the flowers of Ulex Europaeus. Gorse bushes grow in New Zealand and are considered scared plants for indigenous populations, playing a unique role in local history. It is believed that this plant can bring healing powers and energy of the land. Gorse flower essence was created for everyone who has lost the hope and belief in the better future. It is a very strong herbal remedy which can help those people who feel useless, not loved and not understood in this life, who are lost and almost reached the bottom.

Gorse flower essence takes a special place among the list of all 38 flower essences of Dr. Edward Bach. It is a very delicate and amazing herbal remedy for everyone who has lived something very hard and is looking for serenity and peace. “Very great hopelessness, they have given up belief that more can be done for them. Gorse Flower Essence 2Under persuasion or to please others they may try different treatments, at the same time assuring those around that there is so little hope of relief,” that what is written by Dr. Bach about the people for who gorse flower essence was created.

Some experts and herbalists believe that gorse flower essence can find an application and serve well to those who suffer from various problems in their family life. In particular, it can assist two life partners in saving their marriage, in findings their ways toward each other, and solving even long chronic marriage problems. It can be used by balancing the relationships between children and parents in the family, especially in those cases when parents are too demanding, and children feel too high pressure from their parents. Gorse flower essence can provide excellent emotional healing for such situations.

This flower essence can be recommended to those who are seeking security and protection in this life, who are trying to achieve inner or outside balance, who needs to feel that everything is going alright in their life, and everything is going to be alright in the future. This flower essence can assist in making our souls live in peace and balance between the black and white, between the light and dark. Also, Gorse flower essence can help our souls use the energy of light for healing our souls, for illuminating our way ahead, to new beginnings and new hopes in this life.

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