Essiac Tea Benefits

Essiac Tea BenefitsEssiac tea is quite a common herbal infusion known and widely used in Canada and the US. This herbal tea is actually a blend of several medicinal herbs which was created and promoted by Canadian physicians. Primarily, the formula contained such elements as burdock root, sheep sorrel, rhubarb root and slippery elm bark. However, later on, four more herbal remedies, namely watercress, red clover, kelp and blessed thistle were also added to the blend to receive the most common formula of essiac tea. It is now widely recommended by many Canadian nurses and physicians, and many studies and researches have proven numerous valuable therapeutic powers and health benefits of essiac tea.

This tea is a magic gift of nature, which is approved and recommended by the National Cancer Institute and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It is in a great demand and many people have already tried this amazing herbal tea. Primarily healing actions of essiac tea are its detoxifying and cleansing properties. Scientists found out that by consuming this tea on a regular basis, it is possible to effectively remove heavy metals like mercury, led and others, as well as all possible toxic substances from the body. Health Benefits Of Essiac TeaBesides, essiac tea benefits include excellent powers to boost the function of the immune system, this way protecting us against various infections and viruses.

Other very important essiac tea benefits are preventing fat deposit formation in artery walls and substantially reducing the risks of heat disease, atherosclerosis and other serious cardiovascular problems. It is reported that this herbal tea can contribute in lowering bad LDL cholesterol levels and therefore promote weight loss. That is why it can be very advantageous to drink essiac tea for those who need to shed extra pounds. This natural solution can improve our bone health, strengthen and improve the function of our nervous system and improve all important chemical activities in brain.

For many decadesĀ  those who drink essiac tea have been reporting about strong positive effects of this natural remedy on the function of digestive system. Essiac tea benefits include perfect antihistamine actions. There is evidence of pain relieving and regenerating properties of this herbal tea. However, the most important and valuable health benefits of essiac tea are cancer-fighting abilities of this natural beverage. Studies are still going on, but the experts are convinced that essiac tea can have a great potential for becoming a new effective remedy to prevent and slow down cancerous cell formation. Talk to your health care specialist about this amazing natural remedy and its possible effects on your health.

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