Elm Flower Essence

Elm FlowerIt is not a secret that nowadays, despite the fact that modern medicine offers us amazingly effective technologies and solutions for many health conditions, overwhelming majority of people are looking for natural remedies and the help of our Mother Nature when fighting against one or another disease or illness. Therefore, we prefer using herbal remedies like herbal teas, herbal extracts, various herbal tinctures or blends of natural ingredients instead of the multitude of pharmaceuticals available in our drugstores. Some types of herbal remedies like herbal teas are very well known and widely used around the world since they are easy to be prepared and are well promoted. Some herbal remedies like flower essences are less known and less used. However, unique and very powerful properties of these natural remedies make them very highly valued among those people who know about those.

38 flower essences are also known as the flower remedies of Dr. Bach, a British naturopath who have created and lived their life for promoting them. Those include the flower essences made from the morning dew collected from the flowers of various herbs and plants, including horse chestnut, honeysuckle, vervian, water violet, chicory, agrimony, cerato, clematis, and many others. Elm flower essence is one of the series of Dr. Bach’s flower remedies. This natural remedy can be used as a safe and effective natural remedy by all people who need to improve their self-confidence and feel a lack of this trait due to extreme overload of the Elm Flower Essenceactivities they are involved in, or due to an extreme number of responsibilities they usually shoulder. This is a unique special remedies for activists and those who are excessively devoted to other people’s lives, for those who display excessive concern about everything and everyone, or  tend to do much more than they can actually manage with.

Dr Bach described those who can benefits from using elm flower essence as the following: “Those who are doing good work, are following the calling of their life and who hope to do something of importance, and this often for the benefit of humanity. At times there may be periods of depression when they feel that the task they have undertaken is too difficult, and not within the power of a human being,” (from the book The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies, 1936). This natural remedy can be very helpful to those people who very often feel depressed since they want to do so many things but do not feel confident in their ability to do that many things. Very often such people also feel exhausted and lacking a correct self-assessment, thinking that they are useless and worthless people who can not fulfill their mission on this planet. Sometimes it is very hard to live next to the people like that, so recommending them use elm flower essence can be a great solution for everyone.

Elm flower is a great solution to make people understand that their lives are filled with success and victories, not the failures and disappointments. This flower essence is very commonly compared with another flower remedy, Larch flower essence. The latter mentioned remedy can be good for people who also assume too much of responsibilities and tasks, but lose their faith in own self right from the start, before actually coming to fulfilling their tasks. In contrast to that, elm flower essence is designed for those people who are willingly trying to do many things and many actions, but occasionally feel their inability to manage and afraid to fail. Elm flower essence can help people believe in themselves on any stage of their life, and it is a great remedy for people of ages and kinds, regardless of their health condition or specifics of their lifestyle. Consult a professional therapist or a natural medicine expert before starting your treatment involving elm flower essence.

Want to try this unique natural remedy and see how elm flower essence works? Talk to your health care specialist, and if he approves using this natural product, go to here to see some useful info.

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