Damiana Herbal Extract

Damiana ExtractDamiana (Turnera diffusa or Turnera aphrodisiaca) is one of the old herbal remedies which has been used since early times as a great sexuality tonic. Excellent aphrodisiac properties of this perennial herb were well known throughout the world, from Nigerian deserts to Mexican valleys and California beaches. It is a herb with very strong fragrance, dark green leaves and small yellow flowers. The plant growth in almost every area with humid and hot climate, and is harvested for making a special damiana herbal extract, which can be used for various purposes.

The usage of this herb has quite long history which goes back in time to the epoch of Aztecs. Since those glorious years, it was known as a great natural blood purifier, which also has very potent diuretic, laxative and expectorant properties. Daniana herbal extract can act as an aphrodisiac by bringing oxygen to genital area and stimulating the function of the intestinal tract. It can substantially increase energy levels and libido, both in women and men, as well as improve sexual performance and fitness. Damiana is an ingredient of famous Mexican liquor helping to enjoy the mentioned benefits of this natural remedy.

damiana herbal extractOther very important properties of damiana extract include soothing, anti-depressant and relaxing actions of this natural product. Using this extract can stimulate positive perception of life, evoke optimistic feelings and assist in combating mild depression. This natural solution is recommended to those who suffers from migraines and headaches, anxiety, nervousness, painful menstruation, bed wetting and other health conditions. This natural product is highly recommended to all women, especially during menopause. It was proven that damiana herbal extract can balance hormones and ease the symptoms linked to menopause.

This herb has quite good antiseptic powers, that is why it cane be recommended to those who need to treat some mild infections like respiratory system infections, skin infections and so on. Laxative properties of damiana herbal extract can be used to stop and prevent constipation. High quality damiana extracts include such ingredients as bioactive compounds of the herb, distilled water and organic alcohol. A regular use of damiana herbal extract can substantially improve metabolism, rejuvenate the function of the kidneys and bladder, expel the liquid from the lungs and improve blood circulation. Do not forget to consult with your doctor or a qualified health care specialist prior using damiana extract.

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