Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage OilClary sage essential oil is one of common essential oil used for its vast variety of therapeutic properties and healing actions. It is extracted from a type of sage (Salvia sclarea), the herb known also as clear eye, clary wart, eye bright, or muscatel sage. For extraction, steam distillation is used, and clary sage buds, flowering tops and leaves are the main material for extraction. The herb is native to Europe but can be found throughout the world. This herb plays a role in alternative medicines of many nations and is highly valued by herbalists for its properties as a natural eye cleanser. Herbal preparations and herbal remedies with clary sage have been used for centuries for supporting eye health, improving vision, brightening and cleansing eyes, as well as preventing numerous eye problems related to aging.

Clary sage oil is a clear and slightly yellowish liquid oil with sweet and a little herbaceous fragrance. The main constituents of sage essential oil include lonalool, linalyl acetate, neryl acetate, sclareol, geraniol, germacrene-D, caryophyllene, alpha tripenol, and others. This non-toxic essential oil is considered quite safe, but should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Also, it has very strong effects when combined with alcohol: Sage Essential Oilclary sage oil exaggerates the effects of alcohol, that is why it is strongly advised to avoid using this oil in conjunction with any kind of tinctures or other herbal remedies based on alcohol.  Though high quality sage essential oil can be very expensive, some relatively affordable versions of this natural product can be purchased online or in natural beauty shops throughout the world.

Sage essential oil has plenty of benefits and, first of all, it is famous for its very powerful anti-depressant properties. It can assist in relieving the symptoms like anxiety, sadness, feelings of insecurity and loneliness, as well as boost the feelings of self-confidence, mental strength, hope, and positive attitude toward life. Also, it can reduce all physical symptoms, including spasms and convulsions. For these purposes, clary sage oil can be used in aromatherapy: i.e. in aroma-lamp. Besides, this natural product has excellent anti-bacterial actions and can be used to prevent bacterial invasions,  mainly in colon, urinary tract, intestines, etc. Also, it can be used as an effective natural anti-bacterial agent for cleaning and disinfecting foods, like fruits and vegetables. Just like sage herbal tea, clary sage oil can be used to relieve some symptoms of cold, flu and other infections of respiratory system.

Sage essential oil can be used as natural antiseptic remedy, to disinfect the wounds and sleep up their healing. Digestive effects of clary sage oil include stimulating bile and gastric juice secretion, this way increasing appetite and speeding up digestion. It has strong carminative properties to reduce gas and bloating. Clary sage oil is a known aphrodisiac which can boost physical power, increase sexual desire and strengthen libido. This natural product plays a role as a natural hypotensive and can be used to reduce blood pressure, this way preventing a great deal of serious cardiovascular conditions. Massaging this oil into skin can assist in relieving muscle pains and spasms, joint pains related to arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, menstrual pains and cramps, insomnia, a vast variety of skin problems like acne, dermatitis, oily skin, dull skin, and other conditions.

If you want to learn more about amazing properties of clary sage oil and try this effective natural product, check out this article to find some useful information.

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