Chicory Flower Essence

chicoryMany people are aware about amazing therapeutic effects of natural remedies, therefore, they try to choose the best of those to support and improve their health, or to treat certain health conditions. Herbal remedies like herbal teas (herbal infusions), herbal candies, herbal syrups, herbal tinctures, etc., as well as other natural remedies like plant extracts, plant root or bark powder, flower essences, and others are in great popularity and excellent demand in our times. Actually, flower essences are, probably, the least known and the least promoted natural remedies, and that’s a pity that the amazing effects of these truly miraculous natural remedies are not known by the general public. Flower essences are 38 magic natural extracts created by Dr. Edward Bach, a prominent English naturalist and therapist, who obtained those remedies by using morning dew from certain flowers he considered therapeutic.  Flower essences, or flower remedies, can be used to boost our mood, get rid of negative emotions and fear, heal our souls and balance our psychological condition.

There are plenty of interesting and very effective flower remedies in the line, and Chicory flower essence is definitely one of those. This unique remedy plays a very important role among other flower essences since it is created for those people who demonstrate the symptoms of being too possessive, who enjoy interfering with the decisions or life of other people, and who are great at manipulating people, but at the same time see nothing wrong about such type of behavior. This is how Dr. Edward Bach described those who may be in need of using chicory flower essence for their psychological health: chicory flower essence“Those who are very mindful of the needs of others they tend to be over-full of care for children, relatives, friends, always finding something that should be put right. They are continually correcting what they consider wrong, and enjoy doing so. They desire that those for whom they care should be near them.” (from the book The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies, 1936).

Unfortunately, there are pretty many people who are good at manipulating others around us. Those can be over-protective moms, or too much possessive spouses. Using this natural remedy can help relieve stresses and tension in the family related to the stated problems, and help people look at the loved ones with different eyes. Using chicory flower essence can be recommended to all of those who are very territorial and love to be in control of everything around them, no matter what. Such people are usually very demanding and suffer from their own selfishness, making others suffer as well. They try to give a lot of care and love to those around them, but expect plenty of love and attention in  response, and when they do not receive those, the life of the family turns pretty hard. Such people very often try to dominate and keep loved ones at hand, by making them feel dependent or helpless without usual protection. Chicory flower essence may help such people understand that it is totally possible to give plenty of love and care to their loved ones, but at that give them freedom and impose no other conditions on them!

Certainly, being selfish is quite a common trait, but not all of selfish people would accept that as a problem, and especially agree to start treatment of such a problem. However, using flower remedy like chicory flower essence is a harmless and very effective solution for this situation since this natural remedy can just become a very interesting addition to daily self-care routine .Chicory flower essence is a great  natural remedy which is also known for its safety,just like all other flower essences. These natural remedies are good and suitable for virtually all people who are in need of these unique gifts of our Mother Nature. If you want to see how these natural remedies work and enjoy the mentioned benefits of chicory or other flower essences, make sure that you’re buying high quality product from a known reputable producer of natural treatments, because only the best quality natural remedies or products can work great for you, help you feel better and live a better life!

Try chicory flower essence, this beautiful and safe natural remedy for the mentioned symptoms! Check out some useful information in this article.

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