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Senna Tea Benefits

SennaSenna (Cassia Angustifolia) is a shrub originating from the Mediterranean region and the Middle East, and in local nations it has been used as an ornamental plant since the times of Ancient Egypt. However, in the rest of the world senna is very highly valued for its medicinal effects and healing properties. This natural ingredient is used for preparing various natural home made remedies like herbal teas, herbal mixture, herbal tinctures, and so on. As a rule, the leaves and flowers of senna are collected for harvesting therapeutic effects and properties of this plant. Numerous studies were conducted in order to look close at healing powers of senna, which have also proven this natural remedy being quite safe and suitable to be used by virtually everyone. That is why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved senna extracts and other remedies with senna for a variety of uses in medicine. (more…)

Lemon Verbena Tea

Lemon VerbenaLemon verbena tea is getting more and more popular nowadays, though it is very often thought to be something like one of the oldest folk remedies of our grandma’s. Lemon verbena tea is an infusion of green leaves of verbena plant (Aloysia Tryphilla), a medicinal herb originating from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and other regions of South America, though nowadays it is cultivated almost all around the world. Verbena also plays a role as a culinary spice which is quite commonly used in French, Spanish, Italian cuisines, along with culinary tradition of other countries of the Mediterranean and South American nations. Verbena is widely used for preparing salads, stuffed dishes, grains, desserts and beverages since it has very strong characteristic aroma and flavor of citrus fruits. Lemon verbena tea or herbal infusion is very easy to be prepared, and it allows us enjoy numerous benefits of this amazing medicinal herb. (more…)

Benefits Of Valerian Tea

Valerian For AnxietyValerian tea is one of the herbal remedies which are very commonly recommended as a calming, relaxing and sleep-promoting natural solution. Using valerian for anxiety, stresses, nervous disorders and other related health conditions has been a common practice in many traditional medicines around the globe, starting from Traditional Chinese medicine and ending up with traditional healing approaches of indigenous populations of South America. Rich in nutrients and essential oils, valerian tea is a herbal tea made the root of the valerian plant (Valeriana Officinalis), a perennial flower plant which is cultivated and grows naturally in home gardens and fields. The plant is native to Europe and the Mediterranean region, and it is very highly valued by specialists for its very potent tranquilizing and relaxing effects, though health benefits of valerian tea go far beyond that. (more…)

Jasmine Tea Benefits

Jasmine Green TeaJasmine flavored tea is definitely one of the most amazing beverages with incredible mesmerizing aroma, tender and romantic. Jasmine (known as jessamine in some Asian countries) is a flowering shrub with beautiful white flowers. Picked in the morning and processed further in correspondence to their possible use, jasmine flowers and their extracts are commonly used in perfumery and cosmetics, as well as play a role as culinary aromatic agent for wines, other alcoholic beverages, and some types of desserts. Jasmine is extensively cultivated in France and Italy, the nations with very advanced traditions of both perfumery and wine industry. Jasmine flower tea and jasmine green tea are extremely popular in modern China and Japan, where this kind of tea is consumed in great amounts and serve for many other traditional purposes. It is an important element of famous tea ceremony, and also can be used during religious ceremonies. (more…)

Vervain Tea Benefits

VervainVervain tea is a herbal infusion made from dried leaves and flowering tops of common or blue vervain (vervain officinalis), the herb also known as verbena. This is a creeping perennial plant which belongs to the family Verbenaceae, along with mint and other medicinal herbs. Vervain has been used as a therapeutic plant for many centuries by many civilizations. In particular, it was highly valued by herbalists and physicians of ancient Roman Empire as one of the best herbal remedies for snake bites and common digestive problems. Vervain had other uses and could be recommended for disinfecting things and purifying air in temples or houses. Later on, it was discovered that this natural remedy can be a great alternative treatment for various kidney disorders, including inflammations and even kidney stone prevention. (more…)

Marigold Flower Tea

Marigold FlowerMarigold flower tea known also as calendula tea has been widely used in Europe and North America for many centuries. This is one of the most common herbal remedies recommended for a variety of health conditions and ailments in the forms of calendula tea or infusion, calendula extract, calendula tincture, and other types of herbal preparations. Marigold flower is a beautiful yellow or orange color flower which can be very typically found in the Mediterranean region, the Middle East and South Russia, in the warm regions of the United States. This plant was historically used in the Roman Empire for treating inflammations and wounds, and it received its name to honor Virgin Mary. Biologists say that calendula plant has a tendency to blossom in summer once a month, and very commonly marigold flower appears right at about the time, when the new moon comes out. (more…)

Lobelia Tea Benefits

Lobelia Tea BenefitsLobelia (Lobelia infata) is a medicinal herb native to North America, and it is known also as Indian tobacco since it was smoked by certain indigenous population groups. In fact, ingenious populations of eastern US and Canada valued lobelia very highly for its numerous medicinal properties, starting from relaxant and ending up with anti-viral actions. Lobelia is a herb with branched stems and very beautiful flowers, from yellowish to light green and blue colors. This herb can be found in many areas of the worlds with warm climate, thus, it plays a role in traditional medicines of many nations, from Spain to China and Japan. Lobelia tea is one of the most recommended types of using this natural remedy: the tea can be prepared by steeping dried herb in boiling water for 15-20 minutes. Read on to learn more about the uses and health benefits of lobelia tea. (more…)

Alfalfa Tea Benefits

Health Benefits Of Alfalfa TeaAlfalfa leaf tea is a known herbal remedy which has been used for centuries to treat and prevent a great variety of health conditions. This herbal tea is an infusion made from dried alfalfa leaves, the plant known also as lucerne, trefoil, or holy-hay. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is native to Asia and the Mediterranean region. The plant has been cultivated in the US for two centuries and is definitely among the most popular herbal remedy in our country. Alfalfa tea benefits are really numerous due to a very rich natural content of this plant. After a number of extensive studies, scientists at Purdue University Center for New Crops & Plants Products suggested that alfalfa should be considered one of the most nutritious and palatable plants on earth. (more…)

Passion Flower Tea

Health Benefits Of Passion Flower TeaPassion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) is a plant which produces definitely one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. This is a herbaceous climbing plant that blossoms in summer with a big yellow, violet and white flowers. The plant received its name in the 16th century from a Spanish herbalist and doctor, exactly for its beautiful blossoms. But in some localities in the Southeast of the United States, passion flower is called maypop or maracuja. Therapeutic properties and health benefits of passion flower tea or other preparations have been known and used for many years. This amazing natural remedy can assist in treating and preventing a great number or ailments and health conditions, at that allowing to avoid serious unwanted side effects and health risks. (more…)

Calamus Tea Benefits

health benefits of calamus teaCalamus herbal tea is a known herbal preparation which is especially popular in China and Russia. Calamus is a medicinal herb which grows in water, near streams, small pounds or lakes, etc. Calamus can be found throughout the Northern hemisphere, from ancient lands of China or warm regions of India to the US and Canada. Health benefits of calamus tea and calamus are mentioned in ancient Chinese manuscripts, and ancient Chinese practitioners were well aware about the therapeutic properties and healing powers of this interesting natural remedy. (more…)