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Cerato Flower Essence

Cerato FlowerNot many people have heard about the system of 38 flower remedies created by Dr. Edward Bach, a prominent British physician, homeopath and herbalist, in order to help the humanity get rid of negative emotions, achieve emotional balance and joy, find the best place in this world and feel loved. Nevertheless, these unique remedies have been used for almost a century and assisted thousands of people round the world in healing their souls, changing their attitude and starting enjoying this life! Unique flower essences by Dr. Bach are 100 per cent safe and powerful remedies which can work great for everyone of us. Thanks to modern technological advancements, nowadays these remedies are available for all people around the world. They can be used by everyone, from kids to pregnant women, and there were never side effects or unwanted interactions with other medications/natural treatments reported. (more…)

Centaury Flower Essence

centaury flowerFlower essences are amazing gifts of our mother nature which can be used by all modern people to support their psychological and mental health, avoid depression and keep optimistic in this life, improve own perception of this world, gain new inner strength and obtain more self-determination, see more light in this life and enjoy every single day of living in this world. Flower essences are obtained from the dew collected from the petals of various flowers, which give tender aroma and absolutely amazing healing powers to these natural remedies. The essences are natural safe solutions, totally free from side effects and cause no unwanted reactions, good for everyone and very effective for a wide variety of health conditions. (more…)

Pine Flower Essence

Pine FlowerHealing herbs, known also as 38 Flower Essences created Dr. Edward Bach and widely promoted by his numerous followers, are truly amazing natural remedies with almost a century of history. They were created as new natural remedies to treat mental and psychological conditions, and as a natural help to achieve spiritual balance and stability. Flower essences of Dr. Bach can be used to boost feelings of positivism and optimism, restore and boost energy for life, get rid of bad feelings of sorrow, guilt, jealousy, increased sensitivity, mental stress, sleep disorders, or depression, boost self-confidence and self-esteem, and assist in achieving success in life. Flower essences are truly unique herbal remedies free from side effects which can be recommended to everyone to treat a variety of health conditions, as well as support and bring relief from any kind of psychological burden. (more…)

Beech Flower Essence

Beech Flower EssenceIt has been already 80 years since the times when amazing flower essences, truly unique and miraculous herbal remedies for a vast variety of health problems and conditions were developed and presented to this world by Dr. Edward Bach, one of the most prominent herbalists and physicians of the 20th century. 38 essences are produced by picking morning dew from petals of 38 flowers, including exotic flowers, and possess truly incredible properties for restoring our emotional health and preventing all related disorders, getting rid of negative elements in our life and enjoying amazing effects of Mother Nature’s healing powers. Bach’s flower essences received a great popularity and are being sold around the world as absolutely safe and effective alternatives to the existing medications or conventional treatments. Beech flower essence is one of these divine remedies, used to treat a variety of emotional imbalances. (more…)

Holly Flower Essence

Holly FlowerBach Flower Essences are very highly valued and regarded around the world as the most divine and amazing natural remedies which can be used by everyone for emotional and spiritual healing, stress prevention, relieving unwanted symptoms and signs of psychological disorders, and living a more balanced life. Flower essences were created in the beginning of the twentieth century by Dr. Edward Bach, an English homeopath and alternative medicine enthusiast. He used to collect morning dew from flower petals and use it as healing flower essence, to treat a variety of emotional and psychological problems in his patients, starting from depression and ending up with panic attacks. Flower essences have been enjoying great popularity for many decades as excellent natural remedies and support for other natural treatments. (more…)

Olive Flower Essence

Olive FlowerDespite the fact that nowadays, numerous approaches of alternative medicine, including herbal remedies, various home made treatments, acupuncture and essential oils, massages and other natural treatments, are extremely popular, not many of us heard about flower essences and their unique effects on our health. Flower essences are special natural remedies with absolutely unique and magic healing power. They are collected from medicinal herbs and plants using special techniques created by Dr. Edward Bach known as the Father of Flower Essences. He created 38 special essences which have become a revelation for those who seek help and assistance from mother nature, who want to be healthier, both physically and mentally, and who truly believe in miracles of nature as the best and the most effective approach to preserving our health and well being. (more…)

Vine Flower Essence

Healing HerbsBach flower essences are known as divine remedies for all of those who need a little support of our Mother Nature in their hard days of emotional stresses and psychological problems. Known also as healing herbs, flower essences have amazing effects and can play a role of absolutely unique natural solutions for a variety of emotional problems, starting from sadness and ending up with severe stresses. There are 38 original Bach flower essences which were created and promoted by Dr Edward Bach, one of the most prominent and influential herbalists and naturopaths in the whole history of alternative medicine. Vine Flower Essence is harvested from Vitis vinifera and can assist in balancing our life and emotions. (more…)

Wild Oat Flower Essence

Wild OatHealing Herbs of Dr. Edward Bach are very well known miraculous herbal remedies which were designed as magic flower essences to support our mental and psychological health, assist us in getting rid of all negative emotions and feelings, as well as boost everything positive and optimistic in our life. There are 38 flower essences found and created by Dr. Edward Bach, a prominent nathuropath, health care enthusiast and herbalist of the previous century, to help people overcome difficulties, find own place in this life and simply be happier! Wild oat flower essence is one of those amazing natural remedies which has been serving great to many people for over hundred years. (more…)

Gorse Flower Essence

Gorse Flower EssenceGorse is a unique amazing flower essence received from the flowers of Ulex Europaeus. Gorse bushes grow in New Zealand and are considered scared plants for indigenous populations, playing a unique role in local history. It is believed that this plant can bring healing powers and energy of the land. Gorse flower essence was created for everyone who has lost the hope and belief in the better future. It is a very strong herbal remedy which can help those people who feel useless, not loved and not understood in this life, who are lost and almost reached the bottom. (more…)

Mimulus Flower Essence

Mimulus Flower EssenceBach’s flower essences are divine gifts given us by our Mother Nature. Dr Bach used 38 plants known as ‘healing herbs’ in order to create his miracles of herbal medicine, and give millions of people hope for magic healing from the problems which could not be healed by using usual herbal remedies or traditional natural formulas. Flower essences are absolutely unique homeopathic remedies which are extremely popular around the globe. Mimulus Flower Essence is one of these amazing herbal treatments by Dr Bach’s, one of the basic remedies for negative emotions and fears. (more…)